Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Okay everyone so I have decided to do my first giveaway! But before I can give anything away my goal is to reach 25 followers so just 11 more followers and everyone gets a giveaway! Plus the more people you get to follow my blog the better chances it is for you in the giveaway! *hinthint* I'm not going to tell you exactly what it is, but it is something cute and small, since it is my first giveaway! But I plan to have giveaways for when I reach 50, 75, 100, etc followers and the more followers the better the giveaway! So as soon as I reach the 25 followers I will post more information about the giveaway! I hope ya'll have a great day!


Monday, June 27, 2011

What to Pack for College

Sorry I have been on hiatus these past few days! But I am back! And here is my post on what I think most should pack to College. My sister just moved into college and she of course had no idea what to pack so I just sent her my list that I used when I moved in last year! Now I know most of us are already in College, but this list could also be to just packing for moving to a new apartment or house!

Before packing anything I always go through my room, and through EVERYTHING (clothes, makeup, desk, accessories, etc) and take out anything I have not used in over a year or clothes that do not fit or anything like that! SO make sure to go through everything and take out stuff you never use, this will make packing ten times easier! After you go through everything now is the time to pack! If you’re  moving to a new place it is always good to have storage bins to pack things in! Especially in dorm or other small rooms! I think the best kind of storage containers are ones that can go under the bed or ones that can also go in the closet!
Now after you have bought your storage containers and you have some suitcases to pack thing its now deciding what to bring! So  have put my hole list into categories and sub categories of what you should bring!

Now some of us might have a communal bathroom where everyone on the floor shares the bathroom( if you do I am so sorry) but some of us might be lucky and actually have our own bathroom or share a bathroom with a roommate. But my recommendation for either situation is for one to buy a shower caddy!
This is perfect to hold everything and bring stuff to and back from the shower!
Bath Towels (Try to buy all in one color so you don't mix it up with someone elses!)
Hair Dryer
Curling/Flat Iron
Hand Towels
Mirror (great for back of door)
Toothbrush and Paste
Hair brush
Hair Accessories
Make up 
Moisturizer and Lotion
Nail Polish and Remover
Hair Product
Girl Stuff (We all know what I mean ;) )
Facial Wipes 
Razor and Shaving Cream
Face Wash
Now while there is the shower caddy for  all the stuff to bring to the shower, we all need a place to store our makeup ad hair items, and while living in a dorm there really is not a vanity and I just do not like people I might not know snooping through my stuff, so my mom actually got me this great storage device that holds all my makeup, blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and all the miscellaneous stuff! 

Dress clothes
Jacket (The Dorms can get really cold)
Boots (Rain or snow or both!)
Laundry Bag/Hamper
Laundry Detergent (you'll need quarters too, lots of them)
Shoes (All you wear plus a few dressy and workout)
Swim Suits
Workout Clothes (Your norts of course!)
It is great to store these in the main organizers and only hang clothes in the closet that will get wrinkled, also most dorms come with dressers so you don't have to worry about buying those! A great thing to store jewelry is a Jewelry Organizer
I found mine on Amazon and it holds everything, and I can see it!

Bed sheets (check to see what your bed size will be)
Mattress Pad (A TRUE necessity)
Pillows and pillow cases
Target has some great cute college size bedding that can fit in any dorm!

Cables for computer (you might need an ethernet cable to connect to internet) 
Flash Drive
Printer and paper
Chargers (Laptop, cable, ipod, phone, etc)
Surge protectors
Alarm Clock (Mine plays and charges my ipod! Got it from Target! Perfect!)
Refrigerator (Your dorm might not have one!)
Fan (Sometimes it gets too hot!, especially in the Summer!)

Study Supplies
Back pack (Vera Bradley has some great ones right now! Try there Laptop Backpack,and if you call the Outlet Stores they can ship it to you for just $8 plus the $69 price and plus tax!)
Spiral Notebooks
Index Cards 
Paper Clips
Waste basket 
Calendar (A Whiteboard one is perfect!)
Planner (Schools usually give them out to Freshmen, but Lilly has got some really cute ones!)
Three hole punch

Target and Wal-Mart are great places for all of these!

If you are living with roommates its always good to find him or her on Facebook before to see what stuff he or she wants to bring and what stuff you should bring! Also it is good to know if you have a kitchenette or not! But here is a list of what you should bring and if it has a * next to it then it is for a room with a kitchenette!
Can/Bottle Opener
Coffee Maker
Plates and bowls (Plastic)
Plastic Bags
Food Containers*
Cups (plastic)
Paper towels 
Water filter
Cooking utensils*
Pots and Pans*
Cutting board*

Try Target or Ikea for all this!

This is just random stuff so I did not want to have so many categories so here just a bunch of random stuff that popped into my head!
Area rug (Adds flair to the dorm)
Stuffed animals 
Tide to Go
Batteries (Some AA and AAA)
Blow up mattress (if friends come to visit!)
Safety Pins
Sewing Kit

Okay I think that is all I can think of! Its a pretty long list! But trust me this will just help so you won't have to think about it later! If you have any questions feel free to ask or let me know! Plus if you have any suggestions let me know as well! I bought most of my stuff at Target ( Great college section), Ikea, Wal-Mart, and Amazon! 

There will be a new post tomorrow on the possibilities of a  giveaway! :)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Hi All! 
 So before I get into my post about what to bring to college, I first wanted to thank Preppy Wife Preppy Life for the One Lovely Blog Award! If y'all don'f follow her already then you definitely need to check out her blog! Its so adorable and all her posts are absolutely perfect! She is seriously such a doll! Thanks again! bAs! <3
So now that I have received the award I now post seven things about myself then tag some other bloggers! :) Okay so here it goes:

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read! I probably read everyday and can finish three books in a week or more! I have not read this week though because it is finals :( so instead I am reading my human species notes instead of a good book!
2.I am a pretty obsessive organizer! Everything has its place in my room and I can't really work on homework or anything unless my room is clean and my bed is made. My sister hates it because she is the complete opposite, but I always get everything done on time! (That is also why this post took so long to write today, I just switched my room around!)
3.I LOVE LILLY PULITZER! <3 Especially today when it was National Wear your Lilly Pulitzer Day! But I have so much clothes that I could wear everyday! And I mostly do! I also love adding to my collection! I just got the shirt dress the other day with my grandmother! It is perfect for summer!
4. Country music is my favorite music! I listen to it all the time! I just love listening to the stories in the song! Plus a lot of the men country singers are super cute ;)
5. I also love to craft! I love making picture frames, letters for rooms, posters, anything really! I cannot wait for the crafting marathon I will be doing one I get a Little! I am so excited to make her some stuff, just like my Big made me! :)
6. BOWS! Bows are my favorite hair accessorie! They are just so adorable and can tie any outfit together! And I always did love that TSM quote; "I wear a bow in my hair because I'm a prize to be won." It's funny, but I like it! I just need a few more colors and I will probably have all the colors like this collection!
7. My family is everything to me! This is my sister, me my grandmother and Mom. They are seriously the best people in the entire world. Even though we are all separated we all text every day or two and call, yes even my grandmother texts. But I am excited and nervous for my sister moving in with me tomorrow!

Tags for the Only Lovely Blog Award

Okay and tomorrow I promise I will do a post about What to Bring to College! So look forward to that! 


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hi everyone! I was gonna post a new post today but then my grandmother came to town today and we went shopping all day! So now I am exhausted! But I got such cute outfits! And I cannot wait to wear them all! I will definitely try to post tomorrow if I do not get out of work too late but if not I will definitely have a new post on Tuesday of what one should bring too college! So look out for it! :)

SO many bags, so little time...

What are some of your favorite places to shop?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Essentials

Now that summer is in full swing, I thought I would do a post about summer essentials! I could not survive my summer without these items! Now while you don't have to agree with my exact items I would love to know what your summer essentials are as well! And let me know what you think of mine! I would LOVE to hear feedback! :)

Okay, so my first summer essential just screams out SUMMER! I mean what would summer be without a bathing suit! If I could I would probably spend my whole summer in a bathing suit! My favorite bathing suits at the moment would have to be from Lilly Pulitzer. They are seriously the cutest things, as well as bright! And every time I wear mine it just makes me want to smile because they are all adorable! At the moment Lilly has out her new summer collection in bathing suits, and they are just to die for!
I just loves this green color! So cute!
And, since I LOVE daisy's this one is a favorite as well!

Another summer essential has to be sunglasses! Whether you are tanning at the beach, driving in your car, or walking to class like me it gets so bright outside and instead of looking around and squinting (and squinting can lead to wrinkles as my mother always says) everyone should own a pair of sunglasses! Now when I ever get to buying a new pair of sunglasses it takes me forever! I usually just try and stick to the same shape, because I already know how I look in them and I just change the color of the glasses. Right now my sunglasses happen to be tortoise-shell Knockaround Fort Knocks sunglasses. These are just so cute, plus they are a great price!
Plus the studs at the top are just an extra piece of flair that I LOVE!
Another basic summer essential has to be white shorts! They go with absolutely anything, and they can make your legs look great! And if you have any hint of a summer glow white shorts will just make your legs look darker! While I do own a few pairs of white shorts, my go to pair has to be the one's from J. Crew. They are the linen shorts, they are comfy and they are not too short for someone who is pretty tall , like myself, and I just like the cut of them!
Aren't these just adorable?
While I may live in Florida, and can pretty much wear flip flops any day of the year I just love the new summer flip flop styles! And I was actually browsing the internet earlier today and found some of the cutest, inexpensive flip flops at Old Navy! 

These could just match every outfit! And they have them in about four other colors!
And I Just love these gold woven ones, I can definitely use these in the fall and right now gold is a big hit for summer! Pus they also have them in black and pewter!

Another summer essential is a summer dress of course! And right now Vineyard Vines has some really cute  summer dresses but this one just stood out or me when I was in the store the other day!
I just love the nautical theme of this dress! With nautical really being in right now this dress just fits that to a "T"! Plus I just love these colors!

Another great summer essential is a summer bag! Now while I use this bag for any time of the year, its also perfect for summer because I could always just throw some stuff for the beach into it then drive down to the beach! Now while I would love a bright yellow bag, I just don't particularly like the hue of this color yellow so I just love the khaki and the pink! But khaki overall!
This color goes with absolutely EVERYTHING! :)

And the last summer essentially is a floppy beach hat! And the girls from Marley Lilly have to die for monogrammed floppy hats! You can add a ribbon if you choose and you can have your own custom monogram, monogram color, and hat outline color!
Too Cute!

Well those are all of my summer essentials! While there is always more items to wear or variations of these items! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these in particular! So let me know what you think!


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hey all sorry I haven't posted again for a while, it seems as soon as I post an entry the next day or two I have something going on and I can't post :( Well to explain my absence yet again my little sister came to town and then the next day she had graduation from High School so I decided to go home with her and watch her graduate, which was so precious, I am so happy she finally finished high school and next year she will be joining me at the same college I am attending Anyway I decide after going home for the weekend and witnessing a graduation I thought why not a graduation post and what to do after graduation?

Now many of us after graduation go to college and while I did the exact same thing I wish sometimes I could have take off a year to travel. Wouldn't it just be great to have no worries for a year and just travel the globe from place to place? You know maybe work on a tan? Make some new 
friends across the globe? That just sounds like the perfect thing to do after high school before cracking down when getting to College.

Now while some of us may not have the luxury of traveling a year after high school or just want to start college, like most of us I thought I would just give anyone some tips for what you should do your freshmen year of college!

Okay so my first tip is for your first year is to get involved!! Whether its rushing a sorority or fraternity, going to events on campus, most are free (especially for freshmen), or join an organization for your major or a club on campus. There are so many ways to get involved that can help you meet new people as well as add to your resume.

Another tip I have is go to the gym. Many of us might think we will not gain the freshmen 15. But it is possible, for everyone. After nights of late night studying for exams and eating whatever you have on hand or fast food the freshmen 15 might creep up on ya. So if your college has a gym, which most do and are free if you’re taking classes, use it! Even for 30 minutes a day three times a week as long as you keep going that freshmen 15 won't catch up on you! And even you could be like me and after I started going I liked the gym so much I usually go five days a week and instead of gaining the freshmen 15 I lost it and more! So the gym on campus is great for everyone!

My last tip for everyone is to talk to everyone! Whether it is your professors, your peers, and your roommates, talk to everyone! Just by talking to people allows you to make new friends and meet people, which is what college is all about! Especially make sure to have a good relationship with your professor because if you have a good relationship with them they will want to help you get a good grade in their class!

So I hope these tips help and everyone does try to have the best freshmen year at college! These tips helped me and really mad me love my first year! If you have any questions or even have any other tips or experiences let me know I would LOVE to hear! ;)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gone too long and TSwift!

Okay well before I start my whole thing about the Taylor Swift Concert (which was AMAZING) I am so upset that I have already missed blogging for four days now I think that is too long and I wanted to blog two days ago and yesterday but  I was at a hotel with my family while they were visiting me and I totally forgot my laptop, so hence no blogging for me until now! But I do not plan to make that a habit I already LOVE blogging even though I only have one post! haha so keep on looking for more posts this week! :)

Okay so now to the Taylor Swift concert that I went to this past Saturday, did I mention it was AMAZING? because truly it was not just a concert it was a total experience which I LOVED! I was already a TSwift fan (which I am sure you knew by my quote) but this just made me adore her even more! I felt like the concert was more of a Broadway show then anything with all the costume changes, acting out of the scenes, and dances. It was so fun!

I think one of the best parts about the concert was realizing that the seats we had ordered from ebay were actually floor seats and we were about maybe fifty feet from the stage! So we could literally see everything that was going on! Plus during the show Taylor actually got off stage, went through the crowd and came to a platform that was less then ten feet from where our seats were and she sang about three songs! It was just amazing! Plus we saw her mom and she was taking pictures with everyone, she was so nice! Next time we go to the concert me and my friends decided to make a really cute poster because we found out that she will usually invite people to a private tea party after the show to just hang out with her (if she loves the poster you made)! It was truly a great concert! I was so glad I was able to go and actually see someone who I idolize as a person! You could definitely tell that Taylor loves all her fans,and really does what she wants, which you sometimes don't see anymore when some people reach that level of fame.

Well since I took I think 100 pictures on my camera and the rest on my phone I posted them all to the side of the page from my Picasa Album! I hope you all enjoy!